Professor Dr Peter Zec, initiator and CEO of the Red Dot Award:

“There is a decade-long, mutually inspiring partnership that connects us to Küppersbusch. Particularly in recent years, numerous Red Dot Award prizes demonstrate that they are a design and innovation leader and have been for a long time. It is a stroke of luck that there is a company in the direct vicinity of the Red Dot Museum Essen, which so master-fully defines and constantly impresses the world of kitchens with materials, contemporary technology and outstanding design. My heartfelt congratulations on 140 years of Küppersbusch!”

Klaus Keichel, Küppersbusch Product Designer:

„I’ve been in charge of the design of Küppersbusch Hausgeräte for more than 40 years. Our design continuity and our decision to distance ourselves from short-lived trends have always been the focus of my design strategy for the Küppersbusch brand.

I regard aesthetic, functional and technical quality as an inseparable unity. Globalisation and the increasing comparability of products on the market require high individuality with brand-defining details, which make the Küppersbusch products highly recognisable and greatly define the brand’s appearance. In the past decades, more than 60 awards are a testament to our strategy’s success and sustainability. These include Germany’s most prestigious awards: the red dot Award “best of the best”, the German design Award and the if design award. Numerous international prizes prove that our design is also very successful worldwide. Today, we are working together on ideas for further, innovative new products in the typical Küppersbusch design.”

Andrea Heiner-Kruckas, Marketing Director:

„Three years ago, I decided to switch to the Küppersbusch company and I didn’t regret it: due to its long-standing tradition and many experienced employees, this brand has incredible potential. I’ve always been inspired by the topic of kitchens because the kitchen was and still is the gathering place in my family’s home. this is where we meet, chat, cook, eat and enjoy life together.

Living spaces are increasingly merging in today’s society. this particularly applies to the kitchen and the living room. As a result, it’s becoming increasingly important for many people to customise these areas to suit their needs. We are reacting to this development. We are focusing on new appliances and functions as much as new colours and an extraordinary mix of materials. Because for 140 years, the Küppersbusch company has represented excellent design. This is why we are delighted to have been appointed a member of the German design Council in the year of our anniversary. For us, this membership is confirmation and at the same time an incentive to continue to pursue consistently the path we have chosen.”