The Küppersbusch range

The focus is placed on the perfect balance of form and function. The result is what the users experience with the Küppersbusch products. The top priorities are intuitive user guidance, ease of use and uncomplicated care. To ensure all appliances meet the highest demands, they are tested by experienced nutritionists and chefs prior to the market launch.

Profession +

Many professional cooking innovations and product features distinguish these built-in appliances. Of an unconditional standard and perfect in their functions, they meet the highest demands. An outstanding example of this is the Meisterstück Profession+.

Premium +

Clever technical details and features are perfect for supporting and enriching the work you do in the kitchen. With their extremely high standard in terms of function and quality, these built-in appliances are the ideal equipment for sophisticated kitchens.

Comfort +

Comfort+ built-in appliances provide you with a lot of convenience and many practical features. Easy handling and clear functions give you all the freedom you need in your passion for cooking and meet your high standards.

Baking and Roasting

When baking and cooking become a passion.

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Warming drawers

For preheating of crockery and to keep food warm.

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Cooling appliances

For the perfect storage of your foods.

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Dishwashers/Washing machines

Coffee machines that work seamlessly with your kitchen.

Coffee machines

Coffee machines that work seamlessly with your kitchen.

Built-in LCD-TV

That's the way to bring your favorite cooking show into your kitchen.