Küppersbusch HIGH-Q

For highest demands


Friedrich Küppersbusch founded his company under the maxim of “Make the best even better”. nowadays, “High-Q” stands for this maxim with Küppersbusch. Whether cooking, cooling or washing, particularly clever technical solutions always guarantee better results, better energy efficiency and more convenience.


High-Q cooking, High-Q steaming, High-Q air technology, High-Q cooling and High-Q cleaning all stand for forward-looking technology, perfect functions and unconditional standards. our specialists‘ knowledge and expertise – and experience gained over many years – are incorporated in each builtin appliance.


So do expect a little more when you decide in favour of Küppersbusch.

Küppersbusch Backöfen und Kochflächen sehen nicht nur gut aus – sie stecken zudem voller intelligenter Funktionen, die das Kochen zu einem einzigartigen Erlebnis machen.

Küppersbusch ovens and hobs do not only look nice, but they have also many intelligent features to make cooking a unique experience.

Küppersbusch steam ovens – for easy, convenient cooking experience. Their smart technology also guarantees extremely gentle cooking, especially for healthy enjoyment.

Küppersbusch cooker hoods are among the most powerful hoods on the market – and the quietest! Their innovative filter technology ensures that the air is always clean.

Küppersbusch refrigerators guarantee that high-quality food can be optimally stored – with clever cooling and convenience features and impressively low power consumption.

Küppersbusch dishwashers very gently produce brilliant results – thanks to intelligent, energy-efficient cleaning functions.