Küppersbusch Backöfen und Kochflächen sehen nicht nur gut aus – sie stecken zudem voller intelligenter Funktionen, die das Kochen zu einem einzigartigen Erlebnis machen.

Küppersbusch cooker hoods: quiet and powerful

High-Q air technology sets the highest kitchen standards. Many innovative features such as LED lighting, sensor controls, the Silent System and LongLife filters are clear proof – Küppersbusch
cooker hoods provide firstclass cooking enjoyment.



Our cooker hoods are recommended if you want a pleasant working atmosphere in your kitchen. They are fitted with extremely powerful, ultra-silent motors to guarantee an optimal indoor climate, even when operating at maximum level


They reliably remove all types of cooking fumes, avoiding greasy soiling and moisture damage. A large range of different new models – such as island cooker hoods, chimney cooker hoods and exclusive built-in ceiling canopy hoods – enables you to combine them perfectly into your kitchen. Many new, exceptional cooker hoods have special technical features to guarantee ideal cooking conditions.



Küppersbusch cooker hoods are characterised by a multitude of technical details. LongLife filters ensure that their cleaning is more convenient, without needing to make compromises in terms of their air extraction performance. Clever ergonomics offer sufficient head room and easy operation. Halogen or Led lighting ensures that your hob area is always ideally illuminated. In addition to all these technical advantages, Küppersbusch cooker hoods simply look good.




Silent System

Küppersbusch cooker hoods are generally very quiet in operation, and some of the models are particularly outstanding in this respect. The Silent System reduces noise generation by another 30 % in comparison to customary models thanks to the special round shape of the filter. Extracted air flows through the filter without any swirling, so the movement of air is particularly efficient and quiet.