Küppersbusch Backöfen und Kochflächen sehen nicht nur gut aus – sie stecken zudem voller intelligenter Funktionen, die das Kochen zu einem einzigartigen Erlebnis machen.

Küppersbusch dishwashers: brilliant!

An elegantly set table is a very special expression of your personal style. All the more important for fine tableware and elegant glasses to shine radiantly.


With Küppersbusch dishwashers they will already be shining when you open the machine – thanks to the “BrightLight” interior lighting system. Many programmes ensure that you can always rely on perfect results. And the easily legible info-on-floor projection never leaves you in the dark about the current programme status.


High-Q Cleaning sets the highest kitchen standards. Innovative features such as the BrightLight system, the multiflex premium drawer, the info-on-floor system, low water consumption and the hygiene rinsing programme are clear proof: Küppersbusch dishwashers provide first-class cleanliness.



Practical accessories, such as a knife rack, make the Küppersbusch dishwashers especially flexible.

Tidy, practical, flexible. The dishwasher baskets for optimum space utilisation.

With Küppersbusch dishwashers, even the biggest pile of dishes will be no problem
at all.


Particularly flexible options on the baskets will help to ensure this. For example, with some of the models, the height of the top basket can easily be adjusted so that you can load the dishes just as you require.


You will have enough space for pots and pans, if you fold down individual plate racks in the baskets. And the knife rack will securely accommodate long knives and cooking utensils.