Küppersbusch Backöfen und Kochflächen sehen nicht nur gut aus – sie stecken zudem voller intelligenter Funktionen, die das Kochen zu einem einzigartigen Erlebnis machen.

A feast for the eyes and the palate

When baking and cooking become a passion, the reason behind this will be a Küppersbusch oven. With innovative technologies and a maximum of convenience in use, Küppersbusch has always set standards to make cooking and baking a pleasure.

Yet individual taste is not only shown inside Küppersbusch ovens and cookers. Thanks to a unique, individual Küppersbusch concept, you can cater for your own personal preferences on the outside, too.


High-Q Cooking sets the highest standards for baking, roasting and grilling. Innovative features such as ökotherm®, automatic weight setting, plain text display, full glass inner door and Cool-Touch are clear proof – Küppersbusch built-in appliances provide first-class cooking enjoyment.




Only from Küppersbusch – the catalytic converter for ovens

The central element is the fan: it provides ideal air circulation and heat distribution inside the oven and thus ensures perfect cooking on multiple shelves – without the flavour of one item being transferred to the other. Baking and frying smells in the kitchen are a thing of the past.


The ökotherm® principle is as simple as it is ef fective:
The air inside the oven, which is polluted by fats, odours and suspended matter, is sucked up by the fan. This pushes the air past the heating coils and directly to the catalytic converter. The residue is then converted into water and carbon dioxide. This process releases energy that is transported back to the oven, where it is used. The foods remain particularly juicy and their natural flavour is preserved. At the same time, this process saves valuable energy. In addition, even heat distribution is ensured. Thanks to the purified air, there are no deposits on the side walls inside the oven and you can forget about annoying oven cleaning.


  1. The oven air, laden during cooking with greasy fumes, cooking odours and suspended particles, is drawn in by the turbo-fan.
  2. It is then forced through the ring catalyser, where these unpleasant by-products of the cooking process are converted into water (steam) and carbon dioxide.
  3. This conversion process also generates heat, which is diverted back into the oven and used during baking and roasting, thereby saving valuable energy.

  • Clean appliance interior
  • Energy-saving
  • Optimised cooking results
  • Clean kitchen

ökotherm® + Pyrolyse = PYROtherm

Pyrotherm is a combination of the unique ökotherm® oven catalyser and the pyrolytic oven cleaning system. The laborious manual cleaning of the oven is finally a thing of the past, together with the emission of fat-laden and odourous cooking vapours. not only is the oven cavity clean, but also the air emitted into the kitchen by the oven is free of grease and smells – systematic cleanliness!

Easy to use

The electronic ovens offer control concepts exactly tuned to the various demands. All that is needed is a fingertip on the sensor touch controls and the electronics will show you step by step the way from first setting the programme to a delicious sunday roast.


Perfect: muffle geometry perfectly tuned to the food for the air circulation and programme sequence.


Easy: universally comprehensible symbols for extremely clear arrangement and ease of use.


Convenient: no manual required – programme sequences are stored.


Optimum: programmes deliver optimum results for all foods to be cooked based on the experience of professional cooks.

With just a touch of the buttons, the functions of the programmable electronic clock times can be set effortlessly. They ensure that every - thing is cooked to perfection. When the time set is complete, a signal sounds and the operation of the oven stops automatically.


The alarm of the minute minder informs you right on time that a specific cooking time has lapsed. It can also be operated on its own, irrespective of oven operation.


If you want to know exactly whether your roast is also completely cooked through, use the roasting thermometer. This will give you reliable information at any time about the core temperature and the state of cooking of the roast. On reaching the desired temperature, the oven switches off automatically.

High-Tech for more safety and convenience

The high-quality triple-glazed glass inner door is sealed absolutely tightly to the stainless steel frame underneath – annoying screws are a thing of the past. Additional crystal clear advantages.


Energy-saving: hot air stays as far as possible in the appliance; so lower front temperatures are achieved.


Easy-to-clean: the oven door can easily be removed whenever the oven muffle needs to be cleaned. Everything stays clean between the glass panes as the oven door is a closed system. The all-in-one stainless steel frame has no corners or edges where dirt can gather .


More safety: the doors are triple-glazed and thus very well insulated. This lowers the front temperatures of the oven.


Longlife span: no material wear-and-tear over the years thanks to the use of high-quality, elegant materials such as stainless steel and glass.