Küppersbusch Backöfen und Kochflächen sehen nicht nur gut aus – sie stecken zudem voller intelligenter Funktionen, die das Kochen zu einem einzigartigen Erlebnis machen.

Küppersbusch steam ovens: beautiful and nutritious

Our modern steam ovens prove that enjoyment can be healthy: nutritious vegetables not only retain far more vitamins and minerals; they also have a more intensive taste. Meat dishes turn out to be wonderfully aromatic, even without any spices, thanks to a system of automatic soft roasting. And even better, when nutritional values are so good on the inside and the look of a roast is also a feast for the eyes.


High-Q Steaming sets the highest standards for cooking and steaming. Many innovative features, such as an external steam generator, soft roasting function and professional automatic programmes, are clear proof – Küppersbusch steam ovens provide first-class cooking enjoyment.



Küppersbusch steam ovens can easily be integrated into any kitchen, as due to the fresh water tank no additional water supply is necessary.