uniQue and only at Küppersbusch: the oven with ÖKotherm® catalytic converter

Highlights Küppersbusch ovens

In 1875 we placed our first oven on the market. In 2018 we are presenting our best.

Cooking can be so simple!

The Profession+ appliance: timesaving, simple and comfortable. Ovens and steam cookers can be remote controlled with the K-Connect app.


Wherever you are: programmes und settings can be selected from anywhere. This way, your dinner is ready when you come home.

K-Connect: a world full of inspirations.

The K-connect app is much more than a mere remote control. Thanks to the intuitive controls, you can
adjust the contents – tailor them to your individual cooking and living habits.


The search function takes you to a huge selection of delicious recipes, which you can send to your oven from your phone. The programme settings are also sent along – one touch and your appliance is in the know.



For more safety and comfort: our full glass inner door with soft-open & soft-close technology

The quality full glass inner door with quadruple glazing is glued absolutely tightly to the underlying stainless steel frame – annoying screws are a thing of the past. And it not only looks good, but also has clear advantages.


Energy saving: the hot air largely remains inside the oven – that saves energy and money.


Easy cleaning: the oven doors are easy to unhinge, when the inside of the oven needs a clean. The glass remains clean between the panes, as the oven door is a closed system. The seamless stainless steel frame has no nooks and crannies where dirt can gather.



More safety: the doors are quadruple glazed and consequently extremely well insulated. This means that the outside of the oven hardly heats up.


Longevity: no fatigue of materials over the years, as we exclusively use quality materials such as stainless steel and glass.

Especially good when you sometimes have a hectic kitchen environment: the Soft Open & Close function of our appliance doors.

The Soft Open & Close technology ensures a gentle opening and closing of the doors thanks to a cushioning effect at either end.


That’s good for the hinges and good for your nerves!

The XXL cavity by Küppersbusch

The XXL oven by Küppersbusch offers plenty of space. So don’t hesitate to invite all your friends and relations.


With a capacity of 70 litres, you have plenty of space to bake and cook on 5 levels.


Good to know: the baking trays from the 60 cm ovens also fit the 45 cm compact ovens (except microwaves) and steam ovens by Küppersbusch!